6 Myths About Stretch Marks, Debunked

April 10, 2018

6 Myths About Stretch Marks, Debunked

There’s a lot of information about stretch marks available on the internet. With more than 80% of the population experiencing stretch marks at some point in their life, many people are searching for answers as to what stretch marks are, where the come from, and how they can be treated. But how can you know if the information you’re reading is correct? At TriLASTIN, we want to give you thorough understanding of your stretch marks. That’s why we’re debunking 6 of the most common myths about stretch marks.

Skinny people don’t get stretch marks

Most people associate stretch marks with rapid weight gain, which leads them to the conclusion that skinny people don’t get stretch marks. That’s completely false! People of all different weights can experience stretch marks during their lives. Puberty, weight loss, and growth spurts are all causes of stretch marks that can affect anyone.

Stretch marks are only caused by skin stretching

Stretch marks from sudden weight gain are the most common form of stretch marks. However, skin stretching is not the only cause of those dreaded tiger stripes! Especially during pregnancy, fluctuation in hormones have an impact on your stretch marks. Genes may also have something to do with why some people get stretch marks and others do not. If your mother developed stretch marks during pregnancy, you are more likely to develop them yourself.

Stretch marks can’t be treated

Technically, this is true - but it is deceiving. If you develop stretch marks at any point in your life, you may not be stuck with them forever. Stretch marks cannot be fully healed, but their appearance can be treated! There are a few options, such as laser treatments, tummy tucks, or stretch mark creams. TriLASTIN is a stretch mark cream that can fade the appearance of stretch marks in as little as 3 weeks!*

Only women can get stretch marks

While stretch marks are more common for women, men can get them too! Whether from weight gain/loss or body building, men can experience the same stretch marks that women do. Stretch marks can affect any gender, ethnicity, age, and size.

Stretch marks disappear with weight loss

Most people expect that the stretch marks that developed from weight gain will disappear if the weight is lost. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Though the pulling on the skin is eliminated, those scars in the lower layers of skin still exist and show on this skin as stretch marks.

Tanning helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks

This myth often leads to women spending time in tanning beds, hoping to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks. Not only will tanning not fade your tiger stripes, but it can severely harm your skin in other ways! In fact, tanning can even dramatize the appearance of stretch marks by contrasting tanned skin with white marks.

Don’t be fooled by misinformation on the internet about stretch marks! TriLASTIN is here to help you on your stretch mark journey by providing information and prevention/treatment options.