Approximately 80% of the population experiences stretch marks — they are extremely common and there's nothing wrong with your skin. Our mission is to support your skin every day and help you feel your best. Our effective formulas help to prevent and treat stretch marks.

The TriLASTIN Philosophy

To be your best, you have to feel your best. That’s why it’s our mission to support and nurture your skin every single day. Whether you’re focused on taking care of yourself or your little ones, we all share a common desire to feel good about ourselves, to know ourselves, to like ourselves, and to inspire it in others.

We craft all of our skincare solutions to produce positive, visible changes that transform your skin and help you feel your best. We demand results from our products because results matter—results change lives.

Who We Are

Tired of relying on stretch mark treatments that never seemed to show results, we partnered with a team of award-winning scientists to find real solutions that not only helped treat existing stretch marks but also prevent them from ever appearing in the first place.

In 2004, we took this research and created TriLASTIN. In the years that have followed, the line has been sold in over 130 countries and has received worldwide acclaim for its quality and proven effectiveness. The secret? We believe you should have a say in the products used on your body, and we strive to always listen to you, our customer, for ways we can make improvements.