Staying Hydrated Helps Remove Stretch Marks

Staying Hydrated Helps Remove Stretch Marks

The official start of summer is next week, and we’re talking about all things hydration — how to stay hydrated in high heat, why it’s so important and why it’s especially essential when treating stretch marks.

While food gives our bodies many of the vitamins and nutrients we absolutely need, water is one of the most necessary nutrients of all. In fact, our bodies are made up of about 60% water — you may have heard that a person can survive about one week without food, but it wouldn’t be possible to survive even one week without water. Water is the solvent by which nutrients are properly delivered and absorbed in our bodies, and it also helps remove waste, so remaining hydrated should constantly be a top priority.
Proper hydration is also essential for healthy blood circulation, maintaining a safe body temperature and promoting radiant, healthy skin. And, as mentioned earlier, hydration is a big contributing factor in properly treating stretch marks.  

Hydration improves circulation and improves elasticity in the skin, which prevents skin from tearing when forced to stretch from weight gain. When you’re using a stretch mark treatment cream like TriLASTIN, it’s important to drink plenty of water to aid in creating plump, supple skin.

But if you struggle with drinking the suggested amount of water each day, there are other ways to meet your quota. Eat some of your water! Plenty of fruits and vegetables have a high water content, so incorporating them into your diet can contribute to your overall hydration.












Using TriLASTIN, in conjunction with regular exercise, staying hydrated and a healthy diet, is the fastest and most effective way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and remove them over time. Get started today!