Different Colored Stretch Marks and What they Mean

Different Colored Stretch Marks and What they Mean

Stretch marks tend to take on different colors or shapes and appear on different parts of the body, so trying to understand why they might not all look the same can be confusing. They’re different on each and every body, and understanding them is the first step in delivering proper treatment.

So what do different colored stretch marks mean? Why are some purple? Red? Silver or white? Basically, their appearance differs depending on how old they are and how long they've existed. 

Stretch marks that are red or purple in appearance are newer stretch marks, typically less than a year old. The look red because they are freshly forming and the blood vessels under the skin give them that red color. Over time, and if not treated properly, they will turn into a purple-ish color and eventually white or silver. They typically come from pregnancy or rapid weight gain.

The good news is that red stretch marks can be quickly corrected with various topical creams that boost collagen and elasticity in the skin, like TriLastin’s SR stretch mark cream. For even quicker and more effective results, use the Hydro Thermal Accelerator beforehand. It’s a warming gel that opens up pores and preps skin to receive and benefit from the powerful ingredients in the SR stretch mark cream.

So, what does it mean if you have white or even silver stretch marks? White or silver stretch marks are older and have been on the body for quite some time. They are more stubborn tears of the skin and will be more difficult to treat — but with consistent use of a treatment, like our Hydro Thermal Accelerator and SR stretch mark cream they, too can fade and improve just like the red ones.

While treating existing red, white or silver stretch marks, there are also measures you can take to prevent new ones from forming. Drink plenty of water, exercise, eat healthy, exfoliate and moisturize skin and limit sun exposure — and always wear sunscreen when you are in the sun.