6 Reasons Why Buddy Workouts are Better

6 Reasons Why Buddy Workouts are Better

I was on a plane the other day, reading the latest issue of Women’s Health Magazine, and somewhere amidst the pages of healthy recipes and ab workouts, I read that they are officially launching National Workout Buddy Day on March 1. This was news to me, so I wanted to share it with YOU! Because working out with a friend is incredibly fun and it keeps us accountable on those new year’s resolutions. (How are those going, by the way?) Gain some extra workout motivation by bringing along a friend! Here are six ways buddy workouts are super beneficial.

1.  Studies have shown that exercise habits of friends and family affect personal motivation. In other words, they’re good exercise habits will rub off on you. It’s like surrounding yourself with positive people, except in this case, positive workout motivation will increase your motivation, too!

2.  It’s just more fun in general. You laugh together in between exercises, you push and challenge each other, you learn from each other and you get it done together. It’s just better this way; it makes the task less dreadful, especially on days where the gym is the last place you want to be.  

3.  You hold each other accountable. One of you isn’t feeling it? The other says, “get up, we’re going.” and vice versa. It’s hard(er) to not show up when your bestie is counting on you to be there.

4.  A partner makes it easier to try new things. Certain classes, exercise machines, or workouts at the gym (in front of the rest of all the other gym-goers) can be intimidating. It might seem silly, but having a buddy with you can make trying that new thing less scary. And, by the way, it’s okay to mess up or feel silly at the gym; it’s all about trial and error and learning about what works for you!

5.  Partner exercises are the best! Have you ever been at the gym and wanted to imitate a two-person workout you saw on YouTube or Instagram? But you couldn’t because you were working out alone? Having a friend exercising with you opens up a whole new world of workout opportunities.

6.  They can take photos for you! Progress photos or Instagram photos (to hold yourself accountable, of course!) Goodbye, boring mirror pics! Hello, composed gym photos with great lighting and your best angle!

All of these benefits equate to reaching the best version of you. We hope you took the New Year’s challenge to look and feel your best with TriLastin. Stretch marks can be thing of the past with the advanced formulas of TriLastin’s SR stretch mark cream, and other products. You’re going to be ready for summer vacation in no time!