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A maternity collection your family can trust

Nourish, nurture and support your skin with safe formulas made just for you and your baby. Our Maternity collection helps hydrate your skin, produce collagen, and promote elasticity for your belly as it grows to accommodate your little one.

Our maternity collection is:

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Diminish the appearance of stretch marks

Many people love their stretch marks and proudly embrace the story they tell. However, if you aren’t in love with your stripes, our Treatment collection can help you safely reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

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Customer Story

Natalie's Journey

During Natalie’s pregnancy, she was worried about potential stretch marks and chose TriLASTIN Maternity Cream to help prevent them. 9 months later, Natalie is stretch mark-free and still using our hydrating cream postpartum!

During Pregnancy

By using TriLASTIN Maternity Cream every day, Natalie prevented any potential stretch marks during her pregnancy.

After Pregnancy

Natalie continues using our Maternity Cream as an intense moisturizer without having to worry about it irritating little Joey’s skin!


Maternity Cream

Created with all bodies in mind, TriLASTIN Maternity Cream is a nourishing blend of botanicals to support your skin before, during, and after pregnancy by providing intense hydration and vitamin-rich essentials without any greasy residue.

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