How to Avoid Stretch Marks when Losing Weight

How to Avoid Stretch Marks when Losing Weight

You’re losing weight! You’ve decided to live a healthier lifestyle, starting now and you plan to workout on the regular. That’s amazing because we all know that making the conscious decision to start is practically half the battle. But as you see and feel pounds begin to fall off, your body isn’t necessarily immune to creating stretch marks that tend to appear with weight gain and weight loss.

Stretch marks are incredibly common, amongst both women and men, when the body experiences weight loss, just as they are when the body endures weight gain. But on your journey to lose weight, there are steps you can take to prevent stretch marks and treat a changing body well.


These are the top FIVE things you’ll want to do to prevent stretch marks during your weight loss journey…

 Eat healthy, clean foods that are also high in zinc, Vitamin C and protein. These three things significantly help promote collagen production — a structural protein that gives skin its elasticity. In other words, the more collagen skin can produce, the better it will shape and form without allowing stretch marks to appear.

 Drink lots and lots of water. (You need water anyways when you’re staying active!) Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body and your skin. It improves the texture, health and feel of skin, and when done in conjunction with these other tips, will help avoid stretch marks when you’re losing weight!

 Exercise and stretch! Being active, if even for just 15 minutes a day, improves circulation and skin elasticity, while tightening and toning muscles. Strong, lean muscles help hold skin in place, too.

 Keep skin moisturized. Dry skin is much more prone to cracking and flaking. Give skin the moisture it needs to remain hydrated and plump, making stretch marks that much more difficult to form.  

 Use a product that effectively prevents stretch marks. TriLastin Maternity Cream is the product that preps and primes changing skin and helps it avoid stretch marks. Yes, it does sound like a product that is specifically for expectant mothers, but truly, anyone who is losing weight, or gaining weight (like bodybuilders) flock to this cream to keep their skin in tip-top shape!