Stretch Marks 101

Chances are, most women you know have stretch marks. In fact, roughly 80% of Americans, both men and women, have them. They’re extremely common and there’s nothing wrong with your skin if you have them! Despite a large portion of the world’s population having stretch marks, most people don’t really know what they are or what causes them.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

When there's a period of rapid growth in your body, the skin is sometimes stretched suddenly which causes collagen bundles under your skin to tear away from each other. Following these periods of rapid growth (like pregnancy, growth spurts, increased muscle mass or weight gain) the skin usually returns to its previous state which can create scarring that looks wrinkled or striped due to the lack of support from any collagen structure.


Pregnancy changes your body quickly and dramatically which sometimes leads to stretch marks. Your belly is expanding to accommodate a growing baby, and in the last few months of pregnancy particularly, it grows very rapidly, stretching the skin faster than any other type of weight gain would. This damages the collagen and elastic tissue, leading to the characteristic line-like appearance of the skin.

Stretch marks from pregnancy will vary from person to person, but there are certain factors that can cause one woman to get more stretch marks than the next pregnant woman. Genetics play a huge role. If your mother or sister had stretch marks following their pregnancy, you might be more likely to get them as well. How deep your stretch marks are also depends on how much your skin has to stretch, how big your baby is, if you’re carrying multiple babies or if you have excess amniotic fluid. This differs from pregnancy to pregnancy which is why some experience lots of stretch marks, and some pregnant women might not experience them at all!

However, there are ways to prevent them from happening all together. Using TriLASTIN Maternity Cream for the duration of your pregnancy keeps the skin on your belly hydrated and helps supplement collagen loss, so when it does continue to grow, it’s less likely to tear and leave stretch marks.

“TriLASTIN has seriously changed my life! I'm 9 months pregnant with my second pregnancy and have noticed a huge difference in my stretch marks from my 1st pregnancy diminishing and no new ones with this pregnancy! With my first pregnancy, it looked like a tiger had gotten ahold of me from my hip bones to my belly button. It made me so self conscious. I’m so pleased with the results from my “prevention” regime that I’ll continue to use these products after to help continue to get rid of past stretch marks!” - Emily

Weight Loss

When the skin stretches rapidly due to weight gain, it tears. This tearing results in what we commonly refer to as stretch marks. Often, stretch marks develop when gaining weight but are not visible until the weight is lost. In the same way, losing weight rapidly often results in excess skin which can weigh down and pull the skin, causing stretching and tearing. Because this is also a less predictable type of weight gain, it can be tricky to prevent stretch marks from appearing.

While prevention is difficult, treatment of unwanted stretch marks with TriLASTIN SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream can help fade the appearance of stretch marks that come from natural weight gain and loss. It works to thicken the top layer of the skin where stretch marks are formed and makes it less translucent, fading the appearance of unwanted lines!

“I ordered Trilastin because I was tired of looking at the stretchmarks I had after very successfully losing a lot of weight. Although I was extremely happy with my new body, the reminder of the past weight stayed with me. Trilastin has dramatically changed the appearance of the stretchmarks and to this day I continue to use Trilastin to further diminish the scars. This is a great product!” - Jonathan


When the muscles grow, the skin expands, and if this happens too quickly, stretch marks could be a result. While much less common, bodybuilding can result in stretch marks, but with this type of weight gain, stretch mark prevention is possible!

TriLASTIN’s Maternity Cream works for bodybuilders in preventing stretch
marks, just as it does on the growing bellies of pregnant women. It
keeps the skin hydrated, strong, elastic and resilient as bodybuilders
build extreme muscle mass.

If you already have stretch marks from bodybuilding, TriLASTIN SR
Stretch Mark Cream works to lessen the appearance of them. When used
with TriLASTIN Hydro Thermal Accelerator, the SR Stretch Mark Cream
works even faster and more effectively!

“I have stretchmarks on my calves & bum ever since I was 16. I used
to play soccer & that's when it all started. I felt so insecure
about them that I tried Bio Oil & Palmer's Cocoa Butter. It helped a
bit in smoothing my skin out but you could still see the stretch marks.
I'm 27 now & I've tried to just accept that this is how my legs
& butt is going to look. Then a friend recommended TriLastin. He was
into body building & he swears by it. I wasn't expecting it to work
but in just 3 weeks my stretch marks are starting to fade! The ones on
my calves are not as visible as they used to be. I even asked my husband
if he sees the difference just to make sure I'm not kidding myself and
he was amazed by the results! Just made my 2nd purchase and will
definitely recommend TriLastin!” - EJ

Will My Stretch Marks Ever Fully Go Away?

In the same way that typical scars never fully go away without surgical procedures, your stretch marks never really disappear either. Like we said before, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with stretch marks or your skin if you have them! Many people love their lines and proudly embrace the story they tell. However, if you aren’t in love with your stripes, there are ways to help minimize their appearance (that’s what our TriLASTIN-SR Treatment is made for!) or prevent them from ever appearing in the first place (hello TriLASTIN Maternity Cream).

“This product removed my 15 year old stretch marks by 80% so far. It did take 6 months and 6 bottles, however it does work significantly better than any product I have ever used. I usually can see a noticeable improvement after 2 weeks, not 3 like it says on the bottle. I am a huge fan of this product, definitely a lifelong user. Would definitely recommend over fractional lasers.” - Amanda

Stretch Mark Myths & Facts

Myth: You can't do anything about stretch marks.

Fact: Yes, you can! Being proactive about stretch marks by using products to increase the moisture content of skin keeps
it more elastic and less apt to tear and form stretch marks, even during
pregnancy. TriLASTIN’s Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is the ultimate defense against those marks for your growing belly.

If they do appear, research has shown that certain products and
treatments can improve how they look and feel! Using TriLASTIN-SR can reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks. especially when used
with our Hydro-Thermal Accelerator.

Myth: Only overweight people get stretch marks.

Fact: There are several ways that people can get stretch marks. While your skin can be overstretched during rapid weight gain, stretch marks also occur during pregnancy, growth spurts or any time the skin is stretched too far too quickly. In fact, some of the people we normally consider as living the healthiest lifestyles can be the most affected, like body builders.

Myth: Only women get stretch marks.

Fact: Women do get stretch marks more often, but about one in four men get them, too. Boys can also get them when there's rapid growth during puberty. Plus, bodybuilders of either sex can get stretch marks if they build muscle mass too quickly!

Myth: Losing weight will make your stretch marks disappear.

Fact: Unfortunately, losing weight doesn't mean you'll lose the stretch marks. In fact, weight loss can sometimes cause stretch marks to appear more noticeable because the skin becomes looser and
less taut.