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Three Apps to Help You Keep Your New Years Resolution

Three Apps to Help You Keep Your New Years Resolution

January 2018 is your time for a fresh start, a clean beginning, a new you. You've made your list of resolutions and promised yourself time and time again that you are going to stick with it and be a better version of yourself! If you're anything like me, two weeks into the new year is the time when I start to veer off my newly blazed resolution trail. Whether it is just a little too cold to hit the gym in the morning or someone brings Krispy Kremes into the office break room, it just seems like the universe is nudging me towards resolution melt down. With all of the new technology out there, I decided to find a way to put a little more encouragement into my pocket with these awesome apps.

1. HABIT BULL Have a bunch of resolutions and want to keep track of your successes all in one place? Habit Bull is the app for you. Input as many of your personal goals as you like and set the parameters of how you want to complete them (everyday, three times per week, etc.). This handy little bugger tracks your progress in the simplest way possible: a green dot for completed or a red dot if you didn't get it done. With this visual representation, it's a handy little nudge to keep yourself in check. Think of it as a digital gold star.

2. MY FITNESS PAL Looking to loose a few lbs in the new year? My Fitness Pal, in its most basic form, it an amazing calorie tracker. Input a little bit of information about yourself and the goal you would like to hit and My Fitness Pal will give you a target caloric intake for the day. MFP makes things easy for you with a built-in bar code scanner and a HUGE list of restaurant menu items. Additionally, there is a fantastic network of MFP users to encourage you on your journey to health! (Don't forget, you can use TriLASTIN while you're loosing pounds and be stretch mark-free by summer!)

3. WATERMINDER This is a biggie for me because I NEVER drink enough water. I will just get caught up with work and totally forget to fill up my water bottle. Not anymore! Now that I use Waterminder, I get notifications on my phone when it's time to drink up. By keeping my daily intake in check, I have more energy, my skin is clear, and I just feel generally healthier! Bonus for you Apple Watch users - the app can be used directly from your wrist.

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