9 Reasons Why You’re Single… and Loving It

9 Reasons Why You’re Single… and Loving It

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But you’re single. So you won’t be going out on some overrated, overpriced and overcrowded Valentine’s Day date. (There’s always GAL-entine’s Day spent with girlfriends…) And of course, Singles Awareness Day happens to fall on February 14, too.

But you’re actually happy you don’t have a date or a significant other to spend this day with. You’re perfectly content treating February 14 like another day of the year, and it’s not because you’re single and bitter. No, no, no.

This might be a shot in the dark, but here are 9 reasons why you’re probably single this Valentine’s Day. 

You genuinely like being alone. Like, you really enjoy being alone, shopping alone, exercising alone or even doing nothing at all… alone. You enjoy solitude. You need solitude on a regular basis to create clear space to think and reflect, and adding a significant other to the equation just doesn’t make much sense to you. Being single is part of your well-being.

You’re not exactly into conforming. People have tried to change you, and you’ve got absolutely no time for that. The right person who eventually comes along will accept every bit of “you” there is. And until then, it’s just a “me, myself and I” motto.

You LOVE your independence and freedom. And it gets more distinct every day. You never have to check-in or check up on anyone and you want to keep it that way… at least for now. You can plan out your own schedule, you get to pick the restaurant you eat at every. single. time. You make plans with friends freely because there is no prior obligation in your planner with a significant other. And that’s like a breath of fresh air.

You’re still building and developing the best “you.” This should never cease, in fact. But to be happy with another human being, we’ve all got to first be euphorically happy with ourselves. Okay, euphoric is a strong word — we all have our insecurities. But you’ve got to reach a point in life where you look in the mirror and think, “I like what I see. I like you. I really like you. And I’m doing a pretty darn good job at oh, just… everything!”

You’re not willing to be vulnerable. You’ve tried that before and it didn’t end so well. And choosing to tuck that vulnerability away for a rainy day is perfectly fine. Having a guard up is okay — you are this beautiful package of awesome that can’t be tainted by the first interested person that comes along. No way, Jose.

You are spending time doing something else that you love. Being in a relationship and spending time building upon that relationship is great, but when there are no worthy contenders on your radar, investing your time in a hobby, a craft, or working toward an accomplishment you’ve only ever dreamed about is an incredible thing to do. It’s something you’ll look back on and think, “Wow, I’m really glad I picked that up.” Working out, renovating your home, volunteering at a boys and girls club, etc. 

You like keeping your money where you can see it — in your wallet. Not toward additional gifts for a lover. Not toward romantic vacations or expensive dinners or what have you! Your money is yours and no one can take that away from you.

You love your career and take it very seriously. Don’t let others tell you this is a bad thing. If much of your passion lies in being a badass in your career journey, that’s awesome. Balancing that and a relationship might not be a desire of yours at this present moment and that’s A-okay.

You’re too busy living. You’re booking adventurous trips. You’re getting in the best shape of your life. You are making your home adorable, bit-by-bit. You adopted a dog. You've picked up cooking, and you’ve surprisingly found that you really like cooking… among other things. And after all these awesome things you’re doing, you might look up one day and realize that you’re still single. But it hasn’t bothered you thus far, and you decide that, hey, it kinda still doesn’t.

You, GO! 

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