How Women's Bodies Change as They Age

How Women's Bodies Change as They Age

As we go through life our bodies experience a seemingly endless series of changes.

We all process these changes differently. Even transitions that most people would label as positive can come with a host of unexpected emotions and confusing self-judgments.

Since we’re all on this journey together, we’re using Women’s History Month as an opportunity to get real and talk about some of the most significant changes and transitions that we as women go through in life. 


Puberty is the first big transformation that we go through in life. Who could forget those awkward moments when we felt our body was changing outside of our control?

But puberty isn’t the same for all of us.

Puberty can start at any time, depending on a wide variety of factors including genetics and nutrition. For example, girls who are seriously athletic often experience a delayed onset of puberty. You may even go through it twice - during your teens and your early twenties.

Many young women are surprised and concerned to notice stretch marks during puberty, but this is perfectly normal. This is usually caused by the increase in weight and height associated with puberty. 

But this really isn’t something that should surprise or concern us. Researchers estimate that 50-90% of people will develop stretch marks at some point in their lives, often during puberty. 

While we’re all taught to expect certain changes during puberty, it can be a radically different experience depending on your individual situation. If your experience is different from the women around you or that you see online, you have nothing to worry about. 

Speak to a doctor or a trusted adult if you’re struggling with these changes. Every adult has been through something like this and we’re happy to help!


Children are a beautiful gift for those who choose to have kids and pregnancy can be quite the transition for our bodies.

You’re probably expecting to go through a ton of physical changes as you grow a tiny human. Your feet, your chest, and the number on the scale are all probably going to get bigger.

We’ve all seen our pregnant friends and family go through mood swings and deal with weird food cravings. The story doesn’t end there though. The side effects of pregnancy can often come together to make you feel like you’re suddenly living in a stranger’s body. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, having a baby growing inside you can really mess with your digestive system leading to gas, constipation, and other unpleasant intestinal issues. 

Things only get potentially stranger with some women noticing increased hair growth, a stronger libido, congestion, and even the appearance of swollen veins on their legs. Many pregnant women also struggle to get good sleep. 

In very rare cases you might even experience some bleeding around your teeth and gums, though if this occurs you should contact a medical professional to make sure you don’t have a serious health issue.


Remember that all of this inconvenience and chaos is part of the journey. Don’t judge yourself if you don’t love every change you see. 

Remember that pregnancy is temporary and the rewards are unimaginably wonderful! 


When it comes to menopause, most of us probably feel like we know what to expect, assuming we’re not avoiding thinking about it entirely. 

Our bodies will likely experience some hot flashes and night sweats as our hormones change but other surprising symptoms might occur.

For example, some women experience a metallic taste in their mouth during menopause or even a tingling, burning sensation known as ‘burning mouth syndrome’. 

Others have reported thinning hair, mood swings, and even itchy skin. As our bodies slow down and cease menstruation there really is quite a laundry list of changes and symptoms to watch for.


Reminding yourself that this is a normal part of life is important. In many cases, there are solutions to these issues. That doesn’t even have to include medication, it could be as simple as speaking to a therapist.

However you process it, try to maintain a positive outlook and reach out to the community of women who have been through menopause for support. We’re all in this together!

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