3 Trailblazing Moms We Admire

3 Trailblazing Moms We Admire

We’re celebrating Women’s History Month with a series of blog posts dedicated to talking about women, motherhood, and the challenges and triumphs that we all face. 

This week we’re throwing the spotlight on Moms and celebrating motherhood by talking about three trailblazing mothers who we admire. These women have shaped the world in big ways and small ways, all while raising kids. 

They inspire us to be a positive force in the world, in the lives of other mothers, and in the lives of our kids. 

Lillian Moller Gilbreth

Did you know that the movie Cheaper by the Dozen was based on a real family? It’s true!


Lillian Moller Gilbreth did more than raise twelve children, she was also a groundbreaking scientist, inventor, and psychologist.

In fact, she was one of the first women in STEM. 

When her husband unexpectedly passed away, it was up to Lillian to care for her family, no easy feat as a single woman with twelve kids in 1924.

Under Lillian, her large family did more than just survive–it thrived. She went on to spearhead groundbreaking psychology experiments and was one of the first scientists to use film (then a brand-new technology) to analyze workers for improved efficiency.

She also innovated in her own household, inventing the very first foot-pedal-operated trash container that’s in almost every home today. Plus, she created several other inventions to make kitchen work more accessible to people with disabilities.

As the first female member of the Society for Industrial Engineers, she earned recognition from President Hoover and consulted for the government during both the great depression and the second world war. 

Lillian’s kids went on to write several books about their experiences growing up with such an extraordinary mother, which were then adapted into the classic film (and remake) that many of us know and love. 

She’s proof that women and mothers were blazing trails and crushing adversity even almost a hundred years ago!

Chrissy Teigen

Jumping forward to the modern age, we just can’t help but appreciate Chrissy Teigen's realistic and relatable approach to being a mother.

In an online space over-saturated by unrealistically perfect mommy influencers, Chrissy uses her celebrity to promote a more down-to-earth view of family life.

Chrissy might be rich, famous, and have more personal assistants than we do, but she makes it clear that life as a working mother isn’t always a picnic. She understands alongside the beautiful moments of motherhood are moments of exhaustion, pain, and frustration.

From preaching a non-judgmental approach toward other mothers to Instagram posts venting about her daily struggles, Chrissy creates space for all of us to recognize and process our own daily struggles.

From caring for our kids to caring for ourselves, there’s a lot of pressure in being a mom, and Chrissy just gets it. 


Yeah, we’re showering some love and praise on you too. 

You wake up early, feed your little ones, and get them ready for the day. Maybe you run a small business or work a full-time job, all while taking care of your kids. 

Millions of women just like you wake up every day and do the work of being a mom. 


You take care of your kids, your significant other, and yourself. Sometimes it’s easy and you can’t believe how blessed you are. 


Sometimes it’s actually really hard. 


At TriLASTIN we believe in uplifting and recognizing trailblazing women in every corner of the world.


Remember that you’ve taken on a huge challenge and that sometimes just getting the kids to bed early is a huge victory. 


Don’t forget to stop and celebrate the little victories alongside your major triumphs. You’re raising a beautiful human being, probably several! 


You deserve love, recognition, and care too.

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We’re all in this together! Here’s to all the mom’s out there who get it done, this month and every month!

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