5 Things to Avoid Stretch Marks During Weight Loss

5 Things to Avoid Stretch Marks During Weight Loss

Stretch Marks, Weight Loss, & The Facts

No one wants stretch marks, but sometimes, they’re inevitable. Our bodies are constantly changing and evolving and our skin, (the largest organ of the body) must adjust accordingly. “But stretch marks show up with weight gain right? Not weight

Stretch marks form when the body gains rapid weight, therefore stretching skin far more quickly than it’s used to. The skin becomes super stressed resulting in skin tears, otherwise known as stretch marks. When you hear about stretch marks weight loss might not be a topic that springs to mind, but the appearance of stretch marks with bouts of extreme weight loss is common.

Just to clarify, weight loss doesn’t directly cause stretch marks. The main culprit is the excess weight that originally made skin stretch beyond its means in the first place. As you lose weight, and the skin shrinks, sometimes, deep stretch marks remain, and look even more prominent with excess skin around them. So if you’re on the weight loss train, you should know that there are ways to avoid stretch marks as the pounds fall off.


Ways To Avoid Stretch Marks

1.  Fill your diet with foods rich in protein, zinc and Vitamin E, as they’re great at encouraging collagen production in the skin, the compound that gives skin its bounce and elasticity.

2.  Don’t crash diet. First of all, we all know crash diets don’t work. Some might make you lose dramatic weight, but it’s hardly ever permanent. The weight comes back just as quickly as it fell off, and this causes extreme stress on the skin as it stretches and shrinks so quickly. Rather, adopt a healthy lifestyle bit by bit with exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

3.  Drink water like it’s your job. Dry skin is much more prone to tear during growth than moisturized, supple skin, and water does wonders to make sure your skin is properly hydrated at all times.

4.  Use a topical stretch mark treatment cream. If you’re losing weight, that’s great! But to avoid stretch marks looking deeper and more pronounced, pair your healthy habits with a topical stretch mark treatment cream like TriLASTIN. TriLASTIN-SR Stretch Mark Cream targets existing stretch marks and uses sustained release technology to thicken the top layer of skin, making them less visible. With consistent use for at least 90 days, stretch marks will fade!

5.  Exercise a little each day. Not only is exercise great for physical and mental health, but a consistent exercise routine promotes healthy muscle that holds skin in place.