4 Celebrity Diets That Work (Or Don’t)

4 Celebrity Diets That Work (Or Don’t)

Want to diet like a celebrity?

celebrity diets that workCelebrities are known for hopping on the latest fad diets and often getting crazy results. With fame and millions of dollars on the line for a lead movie role, there is plenty of motivation to get fit fast. There are a ton of crash diets that are questionably healthy and effective, but sometimes there are a few real and sustainable plans you could try for yourself!

1. Atkins Diet

Kim Kardashian has given the Atkins diet credit for losing an amazing 70 pounds after giving birth to her second child Saint West. The premise of this diet is to limit carbohydrates and sugar to keep lose weight and burn fat while still staying full and energized. This diet has been successful for many people for years, so it seems to be more than just a fad.

2. Teatoxes

Many big name celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner have featured these products on their Instagram accounts, which supposedly detox the body using tea. The detoxes claim to reduce bloating, shed weight, and improve skin. The secret ingredients in these products are really just caffeine, diuretics, and laxatives. The caffeine will slightly suppress the appetite, and the diuretics and laxatives will make you lose water weight, but the effects are just temporary. Any real dieting effects would simply be from replacing higher calorie foods with tea.

3. Weight Watchers

One of the biggest diet companies in the world with a ton of celebrity clients and endorsements is Weight Watchers. Oprah Winfrey is just one of these satisfied celebrities, claiming she lost 40 pounds on the system. It works by tracking a daily total of points with each food being assigned a certain number that is taken out of this daily allowance. The best part of this diet is that it very sustainable because participants are not limited to only a few foods. Weight Watchers is not a crash or fad diet, it’s very reasonable to slowly lose a pound or two a week while still having a normal lifestyle.

4. Green Juice

Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively have reportedly used green juices. This is another kind of detox system consisting of “green” juices or smoothies made from powders, fruits, and vegetables. The claim is that drinking these will detox and rejuvenate the body and aid in weight loss. Be careful using this as your only diet tool. They are indeed very healthy drinks when made right, but eating your normal diet and adding these drinks will simply add more calories! If you replace an unhealthy breakfast with one of these juices it could be a better option, but probably not a complete diet plan if you want to maximize results.