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Bodybuilding Stretch Marks - Prevention & Treatment

Stretch marks aren’t only for pregnant women and for those who lose a lot of weight! They are also a common effect from growing too fast. If you’re just putting on pounds of fat the simple advice is to work on fat loss to slim down, but stretch marks can even happen from bodybuilding which is a more complicated problem to deal with if you’re hoping to get even bigger. Don’t worry, you’re not allergic to the gym!


Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

First of all, if you’ve made enough progress to even have to worry about this you’re doing something right. Having muscles that are growing too fast is a problem that many people would like to have! Stretch marks for bodybuilders are fine, red and sometimes purple lines that often streak across pecs, biceps, back, and shoulders as they grow. What they really are is an overstretching of the dermis, the second layer of skin. With rapid growth sometimes the skin just can’t respond quickly enough. Skin is living and always changing, but it can only do so much before it reaches it’s limits.

The time when stretch marks are most likely to show up is one younger guys. Even if you’re not bodybuilding, during puberty the body can grow so rapidly that stretch marks are possible. Add in supplements, a proper diet, and focused weightlifting and the problem becomes more common than you might think.

You might be relieved that not everyone will get stretch. However, there’s no way to know what you are predisposed to until it happens. It has to do with the collagen in the skin, and usually fairer skin types will minimize the appearance. The bodybuilders that are at the most risk are the ones who pack on mass the quickest, which in every other way is enviable!


Bodybuilding Stretch Mark Treatment Options

Your first and most important treatment step is prevention. When it comes to bodybuilding, the best strategy to build a well rounded body. A lot of guys want to focus on their chest and biceps, thinking that getting these as big as possible is all the matters for their appearance. But putting all efforts into these areas put more strain on the skin right above the armpit. Having a well rounded approach is ideal for stretch mark prevention.

It has been claimed that cocoa butter or Vitamin E alone will be enough to treat the skin. However, these are outdated ideas that don’t truly penetrate down to the second layer of skin where the collagen and stretch marks are found. The truth is that you can never completely cure stretch marks, you can only reduce their appearance. Another option is to start a bodybuilding stretch mark treatment cream.