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A Day At The Park: Enjoying The Outdoors While You’re Pregnant

A Day At The Park: Enjoying The Outdoors While You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy can feel like a restrictive time but there are still many opportunities available to you to explore the outdoors! With your doctor's okay, feel free to experience a variety of activities. Now might actually be the last time you can enjoy some of these things until after your new baby has grown up a bit. These are also fun date ideas with your partner.

  1. Picnic: You can make this as simple or as fancy as you want. Grabbing some takeout, making sandwiches, or creating a fried chicken dinner are just some of the possibilities for a great picnic. Head for the park, take a nice drive to a scenic overlook, or even carry it with you to a secluded spot on a short, easy hike. 
  2. Stargazing: Get away from the city lights and enjoy a beautiful sky. Lay out a blanket and take it all in. Moonless nights are the best for seeing things like the Milky Way but full moons have their own splendor. Take a pair of binoculars or spring for a cheap telescope to see even more.
  3. Fly a kite: You can get a good deal on cheap children's kites and have a great time! There are also excellent fancy kites to give a try if you feel so inclined. Head for a park, field, or anywhere else with plenty of overhead space and no nearby power lines.
  4. Outdoor concerts: While a dense crowd might be too much right now, there are usually plenty of options where you can lay down a blanket on the side of a hill or relax in an amphitheater and take in the music.
  5. Farmer's market: Take your time and wander through the vendors on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Try some new food, maybe pick out something fun for your home, and get a great deal on fresh-from-the-farm produce.
  6. Mini golf: This classic game can make for an entertaining afternoon or evening. Most courses include benches for resting if you need them.
  7. Sporting events: It's still a great time to take in a game of baseball or whatever other sports you enjoy. You'll need to take a raincheck on the beer but indulge with a ballpark hot dog if you're feeling it.
  8. Play tourist: Whether you hit the road or only venture as far as your own downtown, there are sights to be seen. Check out the historical sites, wander into some unique shops, and try a new restaurant if you get a chance.
  9. Camping: As long as you don't venture too far from civilization, camping is perfectly safe. Enjoy the outdoors, maybe go fishing, and roast some marshmallows! Just make sure to keep yourself comfortable.
  10. Have a barbecue: Sometimes you just need to relax in your own or a friend's backyard. Have a meal out on the deck or patio and enjoy the sunshine. 
  11. Visit the zoo or botanical gardens: You can get a nice walk in while doing something fun and educational. 
  12. Head for the beach: Playing in the surf or relaxing on the sand or in a beach chair is a great way to spend a day. Bring a book to read while you relax.
  13. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset: There's nothing quite like a sunrise or a sunset. If you have the chance, try catching one at a beach on the ocean.
  14. Watch a movie at the drive-in in the flatbed of a truck: If you're lucky enough to still have a drive-in near you, head for the movies. They made a comeback in some areas because of Covid-19. Load up some blankets and pillows in the back of a pickup and enjoy a double feature in style.

Being out in nature is good for your physical and mental health but always remember to protect your skin! It's especially sensitive right now so use plenty of sunscreen and remember to use your TriLASTIN cream morning and night!

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