A Bicycle Built For Two: Fun Ways To Exercise  Outdoors While Pregnant

A Bicycle Built For Two: Fun Ways To Exercise  Outdoors While Pregnant

Pregnant women are encouraged to get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. The British Journal of Sports Medicine says “prenatal physical activity should be considered a front-line therapy for reducing the risk of pregnancy complications and enhancing maternal physical and mental health.”

Walking and hiking are the most common activities pregnant women choose to do outside, but there are so many other possibilities! We’ve made a list of some great choices for you but the best place to start is with what ISN’T safe while you are pregnant. 


  1. No contact sports. Anything where you could get hit in the abdomen is out. This includes things like ice hockey, soccer, basketball, boxing, baseball, etc.

  2. Nothing with a high fall risk. This means things like downhill skiing, water skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding, gymnastics, and mountain biking. 

  3. No scuba diving.  Fiddling around with air supplies and changing pressures is not something you want to risk while pregnant.

  4. No skydiving. Save this bucket list item for after you have your baby.

  5. Avoid lying on your back after your first trimester. Things like crunches and certain yoga and pilates poses put a lot of pressure on important blood vessels in your uterus. Stick to modified routines from knowledgeable trainers that are doctor approved.

    So what outdoor exercises are safe when you’re pregnant? There are still so many possibilities!


    1. Low-impact aerobics: Cardio exercise is still great for you as long as you take a few precautions. There are opportunities in your own neighborhood to get a nice workout. Playground equipment can be adapted for your needs and you can find creative ways to integrate things like stairs into your routine. Avoid any movements with jumping or complicated footwork. Your sense of balance is more precarious than usual right now. There are many safe low-impact and prenatal workouts available that you can adapt to wherever you find yourself enjoying the weather.

    2. Water aerobics: It’s a workout with no risk of falling and very little impact! Your joints and muscles will appreciate the break. You can do a routine at the pool or somewhere like a nearby lake or reservoir.

    3. Swimming: As long as you’re in the pool or lake, try going for a swim! Your full body is being supported by the water. If you decide to swim laps be careful not to push yourself too hard and modify your strokes if necessary.

    4. Biking: You can ride your bike around town on level streets and bike paths but be aware with your changing center of gravity it may feel strange. Don't push your abilities too much right now.

    5. Tai Chi: Working your way through the relaxing poses of Tai Chi somewhere like a park can give you a gentle workout and also a chance to clear your mind. 

    6. Prenatal yoga: Another activity to try at the park is yoga. There are some challenging poses in yoga so be sure to choose a prenatal yoga instructor or one skilled enough to give you alternate poses during their class. Avoid the especially challenging varieties of yoga like cardio yoga or hot yoga. You don’t need any extra sweating or heat right now. On a similar note, if you do pilates or another form of flexibility focused exercise be sure to only use safe forms and poses and don’t push yourself too much.

    7. Paddleboarding and kayaking: A day out on a smooth, gentle lake can make for some great fun with some moderate exercise to boot. Falling off your board into water isn’t considered risky, but don’t get any ideas about trying out the high dive right now.

    8. Stretching: Your body is being put a lot of extra strain right now. Adding some basic stretches after you finish exercising can help ease aches and pains. It goes well with cooling down after an active day outside. Avoid exercises that require you to be on your back after your first trimester.

      While you’re out getting some exercise and keeping your pregnancy healthy, don’t forget to nurture your sun-soaked skin! Include a safe sunscreen at the beginning of (and throughout) your day. In the evening, don’t forget to add skin care to your nightly routine. For extra special self-care, don’t forget to massage some TriLASTIN Maternity Cream onto that growing belly. Your bump will thank you!