3 Ways to Lift Up Our Fellow Women

3 Ways to Lift Up Our Fellow Women

TriLASTIN has been celebrating Women’s History Month with a series of blog posts all about issues that matter to us.

We’ve highlighted inspiring women, talked about the realities of our ever-changing bodies, and celebrated different ways to love our skin.

We’re closing out the month with a conversation that’s very near and dear to our hearts: Lifting up other women.

We firmly believe that when one woman succeeds, it’s a victory for all of us. As we exist in this crazy modern world, it’s easy to forget to support the other ladies hustling to succeed at work, at home, and in their relationships. 

In that spirit, here are three ways to support your fellow women. (By the way, no matter how you identify, you can totally do these things too!) 

Actively Cheer On the Successes of Other Women

Let’s be real. It can be easy to say you support other women, but it can be hard to do it all the time. We all have moments of insecurity or jealousy when we wish that another woman’s success was our own, especially if they’ve succeeded in an area where we’ve been striving to achieve. 

While these emotions are often valid, it’s important to reflect on the source of these feelings and to deal with them in a healthy manner.  

Remember that when one woman achieves success, it moves the needle for all of us. This time it was them, next time it could be you, or a female friend or family member.

Speak up and lend a supportive voice when you see a fellow gal absolutely killing it in life. Cheer them on, talk positively about their achievements to others, and (if you’re close to them) consider throwing them a little celebration party. 

Something as small as posting a congrats on their LinkedIn page can make a big difference.

When appropriate, you might even ask them to become a mentor for you. There’s a good chance they’re willing to offer some advice about how they reached their goals. 

And if you’re the one who just experienced a big success, consider…

Mentoring Other Women

Now let’s flip the script. You worked hard. You succeeded. You’re basking in the glory of your recent accomplishments. Congrats, you’re killing it. 

This is a great time to think about mentoring the women around you. Chances are there’s someone in your life that’s brimming with potential. Why not lift them up?

Take them under your wing and offer a bit of advice, encouragement, or a safe space to talk through their hopes and dreams.

If you’re not in a position to mentor in the workplace, consider mentoring a young woman in your community. There are numerous programs, like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America that pair an adult with a young person to help them realize their potential and build a positive future.

Find someone who’s in the same position you were a few years ago and be the confidante you wish you’d had. 

Mentoring doesn’t have to be something official or structured. It can be as simple as offering positive nudges of support and encouragement to a woman who needs it.

So next time you see a mama struggling with three kids at the supermarket or a fellow woman navigating a difficult work dynamic, step in and offer some kind words. Let them know they’re not alone and that it gets better!

Be Open About Your Own Vulnerability

As women, we often feel pressure to mask our true feelings, hide our vulnerabilities, and put on a brave face no matter the circumstances. 

While this can be necessary in some situations, it can also negatively impact the people around us, particularly other women. 

Many of us want to be seen as a ‘strong woman’. Someone who doesn’t let our emotions get the better of us and keeps a cool head at all times. 

This is driven largely by the false, damaging preconception that women are too emotional, too bossy or too nurturing to be taken seriously in certain settings.

But, as it turns out, a little vulnerability can make a big difference. 

Nobody is a perfectly unemotional, professional robot, and pretending that we are can shut down conversations, stifle openness, and set unhealthy emotional boundaries. 

It’s okay to admit when you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or frustrated. Sharing these emotions with the women around you can help others in your circle feel less alone. 

You can probably remember a few friendships that you formed through a bit of mutual venting!

TriLASTIN is With You

At TriLASTIN we believe in uplifting and recognizing women in every corner of the world.

We’ve created a line of incredible skin care products that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight changes. 

We hope that our products will help women embrace their femininity and love themselves more deeply.