Stretch Mark Causes

Pregnancy changes your body quickly and dramatically and sometimes, that growth leads to stretch marks. The belly expands to accommodate a growing baby, and especially in the last few months of pregnancy, it grows very rapidly, stretching the skin faster and more so than any other type of weight gain would.

Stretch marks from pregnancy will vary from person to person, but there are certain factors that can cause one woman to get more or worse stretch marks than the next pregnant woman. Some think that genetics come into play — if your mother or sister had stretch marks following their pregnancy, you might be more likely to get them as well. Getting stretch marks during pregnancy also depends on how much your skin has to stretch, how big your baby is, if you’re carrying multiple babies or if you even have excess amniotic fluid. This differs from pregnancy to pregnancy — that’s why some experience lots of stretch marks, and some pregnant women might not experience them at all.

However, there are ways to prevent them from happening all together. Using TriLASTIN Maternity Cream for the duration of your pregnancy keeps the skin on your belly smooth and hydrated — when it does continue to grow, it’s less likely to tear and result in stretch marks.

Everyday weight gain and loss fluctuates all the time. Though often not as quickly and dramatically, gaining and losing weight constantly is still a stress on the body and the skin that can result in stretch marks. Because this is also a less predictable type of weight gain, it can be tricky to prevent stretch marks from appearing.

However, TriLASTIN SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream can help fade the appearance of stretch marks that come from natural weight gain and loss. It works to thicken the top layer of the skin — the layer that tears and creates stretch marks — and makes it less translucent, fading the appearance of unwanted stretch marks.

bodybuilding and strength training is less likely, but still possible way of getting stretch marks. When the muscles grow, the skin expands, and if this happens too quickly, stretch marks could be a result. But with this type of weight gain, stretch mark prevention is possible!

TriLASTIN’s Maternity Cream works for bodybuilders in preventing stretch marks, just as it does on the growing bellies of pregnant women. It keeps the skin hydrated, strong, elastic and resilient as bodybuilders build extreme muscle mass.

If they already have stretch marks, TriLASTIN SR Stretch Mark Cream works to remove them. When used with TriLASTIN Hydro Thermal Accelerator, the SR Stretch Mark Cream works even faster and more effectively.