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Prevent Stretch Marks

Lifestyle changes such as drinking more water, avoiding excess sugar and controlling your weight gain can help reduce your likelihood of developing stretch marks, but they may not be enough to prevent them altogether. One of the potentially best ways to prevent stretch marks is to apply TriLASTIN’s Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream to your skin twice a day.

Stretch Mark Cream

Our Stretch Mark Prevention Cream can help prevent stretch marks by softening skin and promoting elasticity, making it less likely that skin will tear when stretched. Using this product – especially with TriLASTIN HT Hydrothermal Accelerator is a simple and effective way to help prevent stretch marks without having to make major lifestyle changes.

Actual Customer Testimonials

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This cream wasn’t in my budget but I figured if it didn’t work I’ll send it back since it’s money back guaranteed. I only used it on my breasts where I had stretch marks from sudden weight loss. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend it. Just use it twice a day with the accelerator cream and I’m confident you will see major results in 3-4 weeks.*


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I developed stretch marks when I got pregnant and then I lost about almost 100 pounds in a year so I had really dark purple deep marks that I could not get rid of with any product! I thought about laser surgery but was quoted at $600 per treatment. I did more research and I came across this product which I received great reviews so I decided to give it a try. It has been 3 weeks and I love it so far! I can totally tell a difference with my stretch marks they have definitely lightened. I can’t wait to keep watching them disappear!*


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I started using this product after the birth of my son. I developed stretch marks all over my stomach. After my son was born, they were still there and they were very dark and visible. A few months after my son was born was when I discovered TriLASTIN-SR. I started really noticing a difference after a month of using this product. My dark and visible stretch marks became just faint white marks on my skin. I continue to faithfully use this product because everything I had used prior did not work for me. I am extremely pleased with this product.*