Myths & Facts About Stretch Marks

Be it pregnancy, body building or simply putting on a little to much weight a little too fast, chances are that you are reading this because stretch marks have become a part of your life. But how much do you know about these unsightly marks? Start separating myth from fact with our handy guide below.

Myth: There's no reason to deal with your stretch marks.

Fact: While it is true that stretch marks rarely cause medical problems, their emotional toll can be farther reaching. A lot of people stress about their bodies looking their best during bikini or wedding season, causing elevated anxiety levels and embarrassment. That's why dermatologists and researchers have worked hard to find ways to treat stretch marks and reduce their appearance.

Myth: You can't do anything about stretch marks.

Fact: Yes, you can! Being proactive about stretch marks is the best defense. Increasing the moisture content of skin keeps it more elastic and less apt to tear and form stretch marks, even during pregnancy. TriLASTIN’s Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is the ultimate defense against those marks for your growing belly. If they do appear, research has shown that certain products and treatments can improve how they look and feel. TriLASTIN SR can both help prevent stretch marks and improve the appearance of existing stretch marks. Especially when used in conjunction with our Hydro-Thermal Accelerator, our customers have seen amazing results in both the prevention and the reduction of their stretch marks.

Myth: Only overweight people get stretch marks.

Fact: There are several ways that people can get stretch marks. While your skin can be overstretched during rapid weight gain, it isn’t always an unhealthy lifestyle that leads us in that direction. Stretch marks also occur during pregnancy, rapid growth or any time the skin is stretched too far too quickly. In fact, some of the people we normally consider as living the healthiest lifestyles can be the most affected, like body builders.

Myth: Only women get stretch marks.

Fact: Women do get stretch marks more often, but about one in four men get them, too. Boys can also get them when there's rapid growth during puberty, for example. Plus, bodybuilders of either sex can get stretch marks if they build muscle mass too quickly.

Myth: Losing weight will make your stretch marks disappear.

Fact: Unfortunately, losing weight doesn't mean you'll lose the stretch marks. In fact, weight loss can sometimes cause stretch marks to appear more noticeable because the skin becomes looser and less taut.