Preventing Stretch Marks When On a New Diet

Preventing Stretch Marks When On a New Diet

Preventing Stretch Marks When On a New Diet

Most people associate the stretch mark problem with pregnancy, weight gain, and bodybuilding. However, did you know that weight loss is another possible cause? Like any of these other ways, weight loss will cause a change in the amount of skin needed by the body. Not everyone will get stretch from weight fluctuations, but some people are genetically predisposed to it. Excess skin will hang there and weigh down other areas in a way that creates stretch marks, often in the thigh and stomach areas.

Dieting and losing weight is a great way to boost your confidence and health. Stretch marks shouldn’t be what holds you back from enjoying your new and improved body. It’s an unfortunate side effect of your new exercise plan or diet, but luckily we have a few tips and tricks to prevent stretch marks from holding back what should be a positive change in your life.

Lose Weight Slowly

This might be a tough thing to ask, because who wouldn’t want to lose their extra pounds as fast as possible. However, a crash diet is unsustainable and can have unintended health risks. Also, losing weight too quickly doesn’t give your skin enough time to keep up with the changes. A gradual and sustainable plan will be best for keeping the weight off permanently and preventing stretch marks from ever even appearing.

Drink Water

This is important whether you are losing weight or not. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, even when you are not feeling thirsty. Skin must be well hydrated to stay healthy and supple. Dry skin loses a lot of it’s elasticity, so stretch marks will be more likely to form.


This is another tip that’ll help you both lose weight and keep the stretch marks at bay. Everyone knows that exercise is good, but it’s healthy on so many levels including for your skin. Incorporate light stretching into your routine to improve your skin’s elasticity and circulation. Exercise is also a huge stress reliever, and stress interferes with collagen production.

Use a Stretch Mark Prevention Product

Using a lotion or stretch mark cream prevention product will soften your skin, making it more flexible and able to adapt to the weight change. Our TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Prevention Cream uses a paraben-free formula to keep your skin moisturize and resilient.

Eat Foods that Encourage Collagen Production

Collagen is simply a protein that your body uses for healing damaged skin, regenerating skin, and keeping it flexible and soft. Healthy, low fat and high protein foods encourage production of collagen. This will likely be part of your weight loss plan anyways, so eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, and avocados can help your skin healthy and stretch mark-free.

Treating Stretch Marks

If after all of these steps you are still left with stretch marks, don’t worry! There is still hope for getting rid of them. Unfortunately, your genetics may have made them unavoidable. If you end up with visible stretch marks that you feel uncomfortable with, you can think about using a stretch mark removal product. Our TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream can visibly improve your stretch marks in as little as 3 weeks. It works on all skin types and colors as well as all stretch marks: new, old, silver, or red.