Do Collagen Powders Really Work?

Do Collagen Powders Really Work?

It seems like everyone is talking about collagen powders these days. From Instagram to the aisles of grocery stores, they’re hard to escape. These products promise to increase your collagen, leading to more youthful skin, silkier hair, and healthier nails. Sounds too good to be true? Well it might be. Turns out, mixing collagen into your morning smoothie might not be enough to give you the flawless skin you’re looking for.

What’s the hype behind collagen anyway?

Collagen is an amino acid responsible for skin, bone, and joint health. After the age of 20, collagen production decreases considerably, which can lead to wrinkly, saggy skin. Because of this, people have turned to supplements and powders in hopes of rejuvenating their skin and preventing those fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, collagen affects your skin’s elasticity, which can help prevent stretch marks.

So do they work?

According to early research, probably not. Consuming collagen in your food or drinks means that the powder gets digested. Without explaining all of the science of your digestive tract, here’s the short version: Collagen that is eaten is broken down into proteins, which means it loses its skin-perfecting effectiveness. While it can improve gut health and help with joint pain, whole collagen rarely — if at all — finds its way into your bloodstream.

What’s the bottom line?

Ingesting collagen in your coffee or smoothies likely is not going to help increase collagen production in your skin. However, if your skin is losing firmness, TriLASTIN-SR can help! Our vitamin-infused formula helps to promote the natural regeneration of collagen and elastin, the two elements that keep skin from wrinkling, stretching, and tearing. Say goodbye to stretch marks, and hello to firmer, younger looking skin on your entire body!