6 Tips to Enjoy a Guilt-free Holiday Season

6 Tips to Enjoy a Guilt-free Holiday Season

The holidays are for celebrating! Holidays are meant to be enjoyed but don’t let the sweets and the festive parties send your health goals packing — because you can totally pay attention to both fun and health. Fitness goals don’t have to simmer on the back burner just because there are sugar cookies in the office break room every single day. Life and fitness and health is all about balance. And that balance does include holiday cookies and red wine… every once in a while. Everything in moderation will make for a healthy and enjoyable holiday season. Here are some of our favorite tips to prevent overindulging, but still partake in fun and delicious holiday traditions.

  1. It seems like there are sweets around every corner during the holidays — at work, at home and out and about at shopping centers. They can be hard to resist. Want to fight those cravings? Keep almonds or cashews on hand to stay fuller longer!

  1. A lot of calories come from the warm, rich holiday drinks that are simply part of longtime traditions — like hot cocoa and eggnog. Enjoy them sparingly, but be mindful to not drink your calories.

  1. Choose your battles — choose what you’re going to indulge in. If mac n’ cheese is your be all, end all of holiday foods — decide to eat it and simply enjoy it. If peppermint candy is just so-so on your list of sweets, skip it and don’t mindlessly snack when you’re bored. It’s okay to enjoy not-so-healthy food every once in a while.

  1. Worried that there may not be many healthy options at the holiday parties? Bring your own! It will allow for variety at the party and you can snack on it yourself, rather than only having sweets to choose from.

  1. When you do attend holiday parties, start out by enjoying healthy, low calorie snacks like veggies and dip or a salad. Veggies will start to fill you up, making it less likely to over do it on empty calorie foods like chips and cookies.

  1. Don’t mingle near the food at holiday parties. It’s easy to mindlessly snack when chatting near the food. Instead, choose some snacks and take your plate away!

While these tips can help you stay on track with your fitness goals, it’s all about balance. Enjoy your holidays and indulge every once in a while — they only come around once per year, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Smart choices add up and when you pair them with TriLASTIN’s effective stretch mark cream, you’ll be on the right track to sticking to and meeting your goals going into the new year. Have some healthy tips of your own? Share them with us!